Charter Fleet: Hawker 800XPi — N100AG

This mid-size, twin-engine corporate aircraft offers incomparable performance, safety and comfort. It is a frequently requested aircraft because of its spacious interior cabin, offering stand-up headroom throughout the cabin’s entire length. The Hawker 800XPi can reach great range and speed, In fact, it is the range and comfort capabilities that make this jet perfect for business use, but equally popular for leisure charter as well.

Amenities include complimentary WI-FI, power outlets, telephone, video monitors, airshow system, audio/visual DVD, CD stereo, headsets, cabin speakers, full refreshment center and enclosed lavatory.

Seating Diagram

Challenger 601-3R Seating Diagram


  • Cabin Size: Midsize
  • Cruise Speed: 500 mph
  • Baggage Capacity: 60 Cubic Feet
  • Flight Phone
  • Airshow
  • Passenger Seating: 8
  • Range: 2,642 NM
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • MedAir Emergency Medical Kit
  • WiFi Onboard
Hawker 800XPi Aft 1
Hawker 800XPi Aft 2
Hawker 800XPi Galley
Hawker 800XPi Lavatory
Hawker 800XPi Table
Hawker 800XPi Forward 1
Hawker 800XPi Forward 2
Hawker 800XPi Exterior