Safety, Security & Privacy


We operate our private charter services under the stringent mandates of FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate of the Federal Aviation Regulations and submit to voluntary audits by leading independent agencies such as ARG/US.

Gemini Air Group pilots are among the most highly regarded professionals in the industry. All Gemini Air Group captains receive continuous in-flight and advanced simulator training. All our Captains must have a minimum of 5000 hours of total flight time and our first officers must have a minimum of 2500 hours.

We operate and manage one of the safest and most technologically advanced fleets in the air today; our preventative maintenance programs are designed to ensure passenger safety, extend the service life of an aircraft and protect you and your investment.

We are an Argus Platinum Approved Operator and exceed all FAA requirements for Safety.


Security is one of the greatest challenges the commercial airlines face. When you fly on a Gemini Air Group jet, you can be assured that you are in a safe and secure environment, your pilot is highly trained and your personal safety is our highest priority.

At Gemini Air Group we are accustomed to meeting the needs of our clients and can accommodate any personal requirements for security.


At Gemini Air Group, we know that in addition to security, privacy is a requirement to our clients. We respect your privacy and keep our passenger’s identities confidential. We do not share your personal information with other companies or agencies other than what is required by law.