Owner Tim Carpay

Tim Carpay

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Tim Carpay learned to fly at the age of 17. He started by flying floatplanes up the West Coast of Canada and Alaska. He has been a professional pilot for over 35 years and has flown over 14,000 hours in everything from those single engine floatplanes to the Challenger 604 Corporate Jet. Having flown all over the world, Tim has gained the experience to understand what it takes to successfully operate aircraft worldwide.

Prior to moving to Arizona, Tim operated a successful charter company in Vancouver consisting of 9 aircraft. Since moving here in 1995, he has owned his own Aircraft Management Company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. In November 2012, Mr. Carpay and his team received an FAA Aircraft Charter Certificate. Today, the company has 5 aircraft under management that are all available for charter.

The philosophy that maintains Gemini Air Group Inc. as one of the Premiere Aircraft Management & Charter companies is its attention to Safety and Service.

“I believe that if we focus on the details of Safety and Service, everything else will fall into place.”  To be able to follow that philosophy, Mr. Carpay is committed to keeping the company to a a size that keeps that promise.