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Turbo Commander

Maintenance Service​​​

  • ​Airframe
  • Engines
  • Avionics
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Minor Paint (“N” Numbers and Touch-up)
  • AOG

Like all Aircraft Management and Charter Operators, we are guided by Rules and Regulations of the FAA.

For us, that is where it starts, not where it ends. Our commitment to our Managed Aircraft Owners is to “Keep your Aircraft Flying”. To do this, we must be able to respond quickly to any maintenance problem that arises. It doesn’t matter where your aircraft is in the world, we can respond quickly. With our crew of qualified Maintenance Technicians, located all each of our locations, allows to solve the problem as quick as possible and get you back in the air.

Since each type of aircraft is different, Gemini employs only technicians that are qualified on your aircraft, which, in itself, reduces downtime, whether it is scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. If your aircraft needs maintenance away from home base, we have qualified people throughout the world who get the job done. Not only is maintenance important, aircraft cleanliness is also a key for Gemini. We employ a full-time staff that cleans your aircraft after each flight.

Our Maintenance Mission is to do Preventative Maintenance and not wait to do Reactive Maintenance. If your work to prevent the problem from happening, that is what is going to “Keeps your Aircraft Flying”.

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